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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Projected Timeline, Workplan & Overall Project Methodology

Work Packages

The project will progress according to the work carried out in the following work packages. Mark Birkin is responsible for the overall project methodology.

WP1: User geospatial awareness, needs assessment and initial data exploration

The initial stage in the project is to engage with end users to explore their awareness of geospatial data, current levels and types of use and future analytical needs. This will be carried out using an online questionnaire that will be circulated to academic institutions and practitioners (police, community safety partners etc). Concurrently, initial data exploration will take place in order to identify potential data sets that can be used in the project.  Andrew Newton and Nick Malleson are responsible for surveying users and collecting data respectively.

WP2: Data Access and the Creation of New High Resolution Data for EC and Crime Analysis

This stage will involve accessing relevant geospatial datasets and then analysing/modifying them to meet the needs identified in WP1. These tasks will require new methods to be developed in order to spatially analyse the input data sets and derive new data. Nick Malleson is largely responsible for WP2.

WP3: Case Study Pilot

WP3 will document a scientific case study using the data generated in WP2. The purpose of the case study will be to exhibit the new data sources to the community and demonstrate how they can be used to inform crime analysis. Andrew Newton is largely responsible for WP3.

WP4: Validation and Sustainability

The goal of WP4 is to evaluate the usability of the new datasets through interviewing stakeholders (identified in WP1). This is work will be carried out by Nick Malleson and Andrew Newton.

Work Package Timeline

Gantt chart depicting timescales of each work package

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