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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Aims, Objectives and Final Output(s) of the project

Overall aim

This research will make use of existing geospatial data sets and perform analyses to create new, high-resolution data that will raise awareness of the potential of this information and enable complex analytical procedures to be carried out by a wide range of crime analysts and social science researchers in related fields.


This is a very exciting and highly innovative project that will raise the awareness of both academics and practitioners to the vast potential that geospatial data can offer to explain crime patterns. Through this project we will:
  • Find out how much those interested in mapping crime are aware of what geospatial data is already out there and what they can do with it
  • Identify and demonstrate new ways of using geospatial data for crime analysis that might benefit researchers and practitioners
  • Apply some of this thinking to a case study to show how geospatial data can improve our understanding of the timing and geography of domestic burglary
  • Share our knowledge and any new datasets created in the project with the wider academic and end-user community
Final Outputs

This project will create new geo-spatial datasets that will be of direct relevance to crime analysts, the police and those involved in community safety. These data will be generated from existing publically available data but will have been attributed with additional “contextual” information. This will deliver enhanced information to those currently using such data and seek to raise awareness of the usefulness of this geo-spatial crime data to those users who currently do not . A case study of burglary will be used to demonstrate how the data can be used to enhance analyses.

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